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It has been a while since I’ve posted here, but that mainly is due to taking a break from WAR to play Aion with my guild for a few months.   I’m back to playing WAR full time now though since several of my guildmates decided to go back to WAR..yay!

I really don’t have much new to say relating to WAR addons *yet* but I have changed out a few addons since I came back.  More on that later.   Over all my UI is still the same though.

I did find one other blogger out there though talking about another UI pack called YakUI.   Check it out at:

I’ll be keeping an eye out for other addon related news and if I find any new addons that I want to give a shout-out to, I’ll post them here.

Otherwise, most of my blog posts can be found over on my main blog at:

Have fun!

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New White Lion based UI

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It has been a while since I’ve posted here.   Mainly that is due to the fact that I’m waiting for patch 1.3.1 to go live so I know what addons I may need to change.

Currently, several addons are not saving their layout position on the 1.3.1 PTS server.  I’m hoping that this will be fixed soon (or there will be an easy fix that I can implement myself).

In the meantime though, I just read about a new White Lion UI.   Since I play a WL, I’m going to install this to see how it looks.  You can read about it here:


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Time for a UI clean-up

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I’ve decided that it is time again to go through all of the addons that I’m currently using and remove any addons that I am not using very often.    I’ve noticed over the past month that once in a while I’m experiencing CTDs.  Unfortunately I am not certain if these CTDs are add-on related or not, but   I’m hoping that cleaning up the addons that I do not use will help limit any potential add-on related CTD issues.

Also I’ve noticed while playing on the PTS that a few of the addons that I’ve been using are no longer really needed (for example Vertigo).   Over the past few weeks on the PTS, I’ve started to update my UI.   Unfortunately, I noticed an issue with using Warboard on the PTS though where one of the Warboard mods seems to be conflicting with the PQ tracker.  Hopefully this will be resolved.

Current updates:

-Modified the War Whisperer code so that it no longer always displays a Warboard panel.  I never used this.

-Using 3D compass again instead of the  MapMonster Navigator.  There is a bug on the PTS atm that is causing the graphic behind the compass to not display fully.

-Turned off Anywhere Trainer.  Still installed, but only turning it on when needed.

-Turned off Calling.  Having needed it for a while, but will keep it installed just in case.

-Uninstalling CAVES.  I like the concept, but haven’t used it much.

-Turning off CharacterViewer.  For how often I use it, I’ll just turn it on as needed.

-Removing Crafting Info Tooltip for now.  I haven’t been doing much in the way of crafting of late, but I’ll add it back later on if I find that I’m missing it.  I’m keeping CraftingWillard though.

-Turning off Detaunt Helper for my White Lion.  I find it a bit more useful on my other classes though and will keep it on for them.

-Turned off Dye preview, but will turn on when needed.

-Removed EZCraft.  Since I do not craft very much, I haven’t needed it.

-Turned off ISHealBot.  Not needed for my White Lion but I’m keeping it for my Archmage.

-Removed Mech.  This is now a part of WSCT.

-Removed Nerfed Buttons.  I no longer use this.

-Turned off ResTell, but keeping the addon for when I play my Archmage.

-Removing TargetLast.  Somewhat useful, but not really needed.

-Removing TomeTracker.  Can’t remember the last time I used this so I’m removing it.

-Removing Warboard Social since the guild and friend modules are a part of the main Warboard install now.

Now I just wish the War Whisperer window would stay put.

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Add-on Changes

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve replaced a few of the add-ons I was using and have also added a few new ones to test.

Add-ons Swapped

  • Replaced Autobar with Potionbar.   Potionbar is an updated version of Autobar.
  • Replaced SNT Buttons with Vertigo.   The SNT developer has gone MIA so I decided to use an add-on that was still being supported.
  • Replaced EquipmentSets with ClosetGoblin.   I like the ClosetGoblin interface a bit more then the EquipmentSets one.
  • Replaced MapMonster Navigator with 3d compass.  I had issues with the compass remembering its location so I decided to use this other 3D compass instead.

Add-ons Added

  • AbilityAlert! – I’ve used this add-on in the past, but removed it when I started to use SNT Buttons since it had a similar built in feature to display when a cooldown was ready to be reused.  Now that I’m using Vertigo, I reinstalled this add-on.
  • DetauntHelper – I currently use this add-on when I’m playing my Archmage.  It helps you to determine who you should focus your detaunt on.
  • Dye Preview – I haven’t used this much, but it is just a fun add-on to use to see how you would look using dyes that you do not have access to.
  • Emotes –  I was thinking of creating a similar add-on myself, but I’m going to give this new mod a try to see if it meets my needs.
  • Floating Rally Call Button – Useful since I use CustomMap.
  • KillTracker – Installed mainly for Alt character use.
  • MiniMapMonster – Displays the MapMonster icons also on the Mini Map.  Useful if you use WarCommander too.
  • ResTell – Used on my Archmage.
  • QuickNameActions – This add-on allows you to shift click a user in the chat window to perform a /who.
  • TokenMachine – Seems to be useful with token drops.
  • Warboard Session – New addon that keeps track of session stats.
  • WAR Rating Buster – Rating Buster was one of my favorite add-ons in WoW, so I naturally picked it up for WAR.  Was an add-on I was going to make too, but someone beat me to it.  🙂

I also have a few add-ons installed that I’m still testing to see how useful they are.  These include:

  • Calling – Used to ‘call’ your targets so others know who to assist.  I’ve only been in a few groups that have used this so far so I haven’t determined how useful it is yet.   I’ve kept it installed so that I have it when a PUG group requests its use.
  • DuffTimer_Filter – I haven’t tested this much yet, but since I use DuffTimer I thought that I would give it a try.
  • HotbarMorale – Installed but I haven’t tested it yet.
  • NerfedButtons and  NerfedUtils – Still testing to see if this add-on is useful or not for my White Lion.  So far though I prefer just using individual action icons instead of these combo action icons.
  • WarCommander – I haven’t tested this much yet either.
  • WhereYouAt – Having tested this enough yet to comment.

Total add-ons Now: 90 (includes library folders)

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In Progress…

April 14, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve been working on another project of late (it is a sewing project), but I am still working on my compilation of the UI that I’ve shared here.

After testing a few different classes using this UI though, I noticed a few issues that I’m attempting to fix.  One was with the use of SNTButtons.   I’ve decided to switch to Vertigo instead due to an issue with the 3rd and 4th button bars.

Anyway after I finish my sewing project, I’ll have more time to get back to my compilation here and additional addon reviews.  🙂

Just wanted to give you all a heads up on why I haven’t posted of late.

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My Updated UI Layout

March 17, 2009 2 comments

Now that my new layout is in a state that I’m happy with, I decided that it was about time that I should document what I’ve done to this point.

A look at the new layout:

New Layout

I also uploaded the original images of several of my screenshots onto Flickr as a slideshow.

Since I use a 22” wide screen monitor, all of my layouts are made for a 1680×1050 display resolution.  I also changed the Global UI Scale so that it is one tick below 1 (I believe this is around .80).

You may notice that I decided to keep the mini-map in the upper right corner of the screen instead of the lower-mid location in my first WAR layout.   I decided to go this route after I switched from zMiniMap to CustomMap.  I switched to CustomMap since you can now zoom to a world view map.  With this switch though, I found that I needed the map size to be larger then what I previously used.  The rest of my layout is very similar in style to what I started previously though.

Below are a variety of views which should highlight many of the add-ons that I’m using.

Open RvR Views:



Scenario View:


PvE Instance Views:



ADD-ON LIST (linking in progress)

Core Elements

Autobar Custom Map Chatty Cathy
Dammaz Kron DuffTimer EquipmentSets
Kwestor MapMonster MapMonster Navigator
Mech MiniFriends Mini World Map
MoraleBG Moth Natural Log
Notepad Pure Queue Queuer
Range Checker SNT Buttons SNT Castbar
SNT Panel SORXbuttons Squared
State of Realm Target Ring Tidy Roll
Tome Titan Tome Tracker War Whisperer
WSCT zMailMod  


Alert Limiter Auto Dismount Auto Join Channel
Black Box ChoffAssist Crafting Willard
CraftValueTip FastFriends Fixer
ISHealBot Layout Editor Manager MacroIcons
NISP Phantom Scenario Stats
Scrollminder ShoeSalesGoblin TargetLast


Anywhere Trainer CaVES Characters Viewer
LoyalPet nRarity  

On WarBoard

Compact VPs Tortall DPS WarBoard Core
WarBoard FPS WarBoard Social  


LibSlash LibSurveyor RMetLib
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Where do I start?

March 12, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve seen a few questions of late relating to how to create your own custom UI.   Since I’ve done this a few times, I decided that I should share the process that I usually go through.

The first thing that I always do is to take a look at the UI screenshots other players have shared for inspiration.   These screenshots do not have to come from WAR either; I’ve used layout ideas from screenshots that I’ve seen for WoW too.  I’ve even seen some instances where players ported their old WoW layouts to WAR (as close as they were able to).

Luckly, there are a few places that you can go to to find screenshots that other modders have shared.  Warhammer Alliance has a post that is dedicated for players to show their UIs.    In addition when I played WoW, I recall there being several posts on the WoW forums that were devoted to players sharing their UI layouts.

As your looking through the screenshots, take note of how your favorite addons are being used.   You may also find out that there are other addons that you may even like better to replace elements such ase your minimap, unit frames, or taskbars. 

Next, you may want to take a look at the existing UI compilations that are already available for download.   Take note of the addons included in each, and experiment a little with these.    Before I started customizing my own DAOC and WoW layouts, I used pre-existing compilations in both of these games.  By doing this, I was able to use a custom UI that was similar to what I wanted to do.   In addition, I was able to learn what I liked and want I wanted to improve in my own layout later on.  Luckly, there is another post on Warhammer Alliance that is dedicated to player compilations. 

When you’re finally ready to create your own layout from scratch, have a few screenshots that include elements that you liked on hand or start with one of the pre-existing compilations.  Also if you find it helpful, have grid paper on hand to draw out what you would like your UI to look like. 

Now starts the fun.  🙂

To make the process easier on yourself, I would suggest not installing all of the addons that you want to include right away.   Start with the default UI along with addons that replace major elements such as your unitframes, minimap and taskbars.

Luckly in WAR, we have a built in layout editor that allows us to move elements along with being able to show and hide a portion of these elements.   Start experimenting with the editor by moving and hiding elements to the approximate locations that you want the items to be.   Also remember that you can resize elements in the layout editor by clicking on a corner and dragging it in or out.  

As you move elements around, you will notice that they want to ‘lock’ to nearby elements.    Having the elements lock together is a nice while your getting started, but as you need to work on detailed positioning you will want to turn this off.    There is a setting in the layout editor that will allow you to limit how elements ‘lock’ together.  

What order you move around the UI elements is up to you.  Personally though, I tend to take my time trying to figure out where I want my unit frames to sit.   Since I like having the what I need to look at the most at the bottom of my screen,  my unit frames always end up being positioned somewhere in the bottom quarter of my screen.

As you progress and add more addons though, you will find that the layout  editor will become a bit cluttered.    Luckly I found an addon to help solve this issue.  It is called (Lemmie) or the Layout Editor Manager.   When you use this tool, you are able to ‘unregister’ elements so that they do not show up in the layout editor.  

Your next steps will involve a lot of experimentation with a variety of addons as you decide what you want you final layout to include.   There are many options out there, so take your time to find what works the best for you.

If you have further questions, please post them.    Have fun!

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March 8, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m a bit behind on updating this blog since a lot of my gaming spare time has been used for debugging my UI related issues since the 1.2 patch.

More or less I have the new version of my UI done, but this weekend I ran into an issue using MapMonster Navigator.

I want to include this addon’s compass, but I’ve notice that the addon will often forget where I’ve positioned the compass framr after a relog or reload.

I ended up spent the majority of Sat night trying to determine if the compass was conflicting with another addon, but that does not seem to be the case. I also spent time tonight debugging through its LUA code, but the code looked correct to me.

Hopefully the addon’s author will see my bug report on

Over the weekend, I also took several screenshots for my upcoming articles. I’m planning to have something else to share later this week.

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New Layout Experiment

March 1, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Public Test Server to prepare for the 1.2 patch that is coming out this week, so I haven’t had the time to work on a few of the upcoming add-on reviews that I have in progress.

Over the past few days though, I have started to work on the new layout for my UI.   Since I wanted to start to experiment using Panels, I came up with a new layout that incorporates a few basic panels to start with.

Right now I just have one screenshot to show you that is a preview, but I’ll be posting more in the future.


Please post comments and/or questions if you have them!


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UI Compilations

February 25, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m currently working on my own UI compilation, but it will not be ready for a while as I’m re-doing much of my current interface.   I found this post on Warhammer Alliance though that lists several of the current compilations that are out there:

What do you look for when deciding if you want to use a particular pre-made compilation?

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